Across the Desk with Randy Kilgore - Interview by Kate Scanlan of OAAA

"Every month, OAAA’s editorial team sits down with an industry leader to discuss the latest insights, trends, and best practices for the OOH industry. This month, we sat down with Reveal Mobile CRO Randy Kilgore.

OAAA: What excites you about OOH right now?

RK: The rate of change driven by technology excites me because it opens the door to capturing dollars from other channels. Addressability is one example. Programmatic platforms, in particular, are introducing the concept of reaching the right consumer at the right time with the right message to brands and agencies. Another exciting change is in-flight optimization. The idea of seeing results while the campaign is live and being able to take actions to improve those results is a monumental step in direction of better ROAS. These are hallmarks of digital and as they become widely available for OOH we will see more share shift.

OAAA: What message do you have for brands that haven’t bought OOH before?

RK: We don’t sell OOH at Reveal Mobile. We measure it. So, my message to those who have not yet bought OOH is this: In our nearly 10 years of doing this, we’ve seen lift directly attributable to OOH for multiple KPIs. We see OOH drive in-app sales, website registrations, foot traffic, and brand lift. So, make the leap and be sure to measure it.

OAAA: What’s the next big thing for OOH?

RK: Video. To be specific, we believe omnichannel video is the next big thing. CTV and VOOH go together like peanut butter and jelly. Brands are starting to plan this way. Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s Chief Marketing & Digital Officer recently said VOOH was part of his national video buy. That’s huge. Video is the most effective advertising format in terms of consumer persuasion. Sight, sound, and motion, drive emotional responses. As such video budgets are substantially larger than all other formats. For our part, by measuring the impact of video on outcomes like foot traffic, in-app sales, etc. we help prove that the marketer’s strategy and tactics were valid."


-Original Interview posted on The Drum