Reveal Mobile Partners with Place Exchange to Provide Programmatic Out of Home Campaign Measurement

Reveal Mobile, the leading provider of Out of Home (OOH) campaign measurement, announced today the integration of its OOH measurement capabilities with Place Exchange, the leading SSP for programmatic OOH media. The partnership expands Place Exchange's existing measurement offerings and enables its customers to use Reveal Mobile to measure campaign performance across the full marketing funnel, from measuring lift in brand metrics, to increases in online and in-store traffic, to conversions events like registrations, downloads, purchases.

"Measurement capabilities are essential for advertisers seeking to understand the impact of their OOH marketing and activating OOH alongside other media channels," said Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer of Place Exchange. "The addition of Reveal Mobile to our industry-leading measurement offerings allows advertisers to easily select a cutting-edge solution built specifically for OOH, and gain full confidence in the results of their OOH investments.

Reveal Mobile, a New York and Raleigh based company, offers campaign measurement products for OOH known as Mira studies. "We purpose-built this company to measure Out of Home ad campaign performance when we founded it in 2014," said Jon Frangakis, Reveal's Chief Commercial Officer. "We've never wavered from that focus and having Place Exchange include us as one of their embedded campaign measurement solutions is a proud moment in our history," Jon added.

OOH uniquely offers brands the ability to connect with consumers in the real world, at massive scale and low cost. While other channels increasingly face challenges around signal loss, brand safety, bot fraud, and other issues, OOH is projected to be one of the fastest-growing advertising channels in 2024 and beyond, thanks in large part to sophisticated targeting and measurement capabilities that companies like Place Exchange and Reveal Mobile have created.